Top 5 Cultural Transformation Articles of 2021

Learn the secrets to investing in a human-centered culture

If you’re looking to nurture stronger engagement and to retain your talented employees and valued customers, fostering a human-centered culture is essential. Our Thrive by SweetRush team regularly publishes must-read content about culture transformation, and these five articles and case studies were among our most viewed in 2021. They’ll help you chart a pathway to creating a human-centered culture. 

Cultural Transformation In Business: What Culture Would You Create If You Could?

By supporting a healthy culture in your organization, you can promote higher levels of employee engagement, lower employee turnover, better business performance, increased profitability, and greater customer loyalty.

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Organizational Culture Transformation: A Journey, Not a Destination

A thriving organizational culture needs the right environment to evolve and grow. You can plant the seeds of that environment by championing values alignment, mission alignment, and psychological safety.

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Culture Change Case Study: Volvo IT

By affecting culture change, you can reduce employee turnover, increase customer satisfaction, and improve project delivery. Learn how you can increase the ROI of your cultural change endeavors by following Volvo’s example.

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Changing Corporate Culture Case Study: Old Mutual Group

Great culture doesn’t just trickle down from the top—you need rainmakers at every level of your organization. Get tips from this Old Mutual Group case study on how you can become a transformation rainmaker.

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Cultural Change in Organizations Example: Unilever, Brazil

You’ve no doubt discovered that cultural transformation rarely follows a straight path. It takes place over a series of fits and starts. Discover how Unilever leaned into uncertainty to establish shared values, rituals, and practices.

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