Meet Our Team

People Are Our Greatest Asset

SweetRush is 200-ish people and growing. Each of us is thankful, and thrilled, that we get to work with such smart, committed and awesome teammates. We are one big team with sub-teams held together closely by our culture of caring and devotion to our craft. Below are some of the folks—by no means all—you may encounter when we are working together.

Andrei Hedstrom - Sweetrush Co-founder, President, and CEO

Andrei Hedstrom


Arturo Schwartzberg - SweetRush Co-founder, CFO, and Board Chairman

Arturo Schwartzberg

Cofounder & Board Chairman


Danielle Hart


John-Carlos Lozano - SweetRush Chief Creative Officer

John-Carlos Lozano

Chief Creative Officer

Linda Fleming - SweetRush Chief Operations Officer

Linda Fleming

Chief Operating Officer

Mau Robles 04

Mauricio Robles

Catalyst & Chief Financial Officer

Annie Hodson - SweetRush Solution Architect

Annie Hodson

Chief Client Solutions and Marketing Officer

Danielle Nix

Danielle Nix

Manager of Sales Enablement

Gail Eisenstein - SweetRush Client Solutions Specialist

Gail Eisenstein

Solution Architect & Learning Architect Team Lead

Danielle Silver - SweetRush Learning Architect

Danielle Silver

Solution Architect

Joe Henderson - SweetRush Solution Architect

Joe Henderson

Solution Architect

Julianne Bisset - SweetRush Solution Architect

Julianne Bisset

Solution Architect

Rae Feshbach - SweetRush Learning Architect

Rae Feshbach

Solution Architect

Emily Dale - SweetRush Learning Architect

Emily Dale

Learning Architect

Danielle Taurmina

Danielle Taurmina

Lead Account Manager

Mary Harding

Account Manager

Marni Taradash - SweetRush Director of Client Lifecycle

Marni Taradash

Director of Client Success & Risk Management

Gonzalo Solorzano

Gonzalo Solorzano

Client Experience Manager & DEIB Team Lead

Rodrigo Salazar - SweetRush Manager, Talent Solutions

Rodrigo Salazar

Director of Talent Solutions

Ann Cathers

Ann Cathers

Talent Solutions Lead

Adrian Soto - SweetRush Director of Immersive Tech

Adrián Soto

Director of Immersive Tech

Esteban Cascante

XR Production Manager

Clare Dygert - SweetRush Director of Instructional Design

Clare Dygert

Director of Instructional Design

Ernesto Uribe - SweetRush Director of Project Management and Costa Rica Operations

Ernesto Uribe

Director of Project Management & Costa Rica Operations


Isolina Salgado

Project Management Office Lead

Laura Murillo - SweetRush Design Team Manager

Laura Murillo

Director of Creative & Visuals

Luis Salazar

Luis Salazar

3D Design Team Lead

Jose Redondo

Jose Redondo

Video and 2D Team Lead

Misha Milshtein - SweetRush Director of Engineering

Misha Milshtein

Director of Engineering

Andrii Kubay

Andrew Kubay

Course Development Team Lead


John Cleave

Application Development Team Lead


Matt Leo

Rapid Development Team Lead


Scott Shankland

Audio Team Lead

Nicole Zappanti

Nicole Zappanti

Build Manager Team Lead

Mark Mastro - SweetRush Director of IT and Security

Mark Mastro

Director of IT and Security

Leonardo Monteiro

IT & Cybersecurity Manager

Chantal Dumas

Chantal Dumas

CE Team Lead

Susan Gravel - SweetRush QA Manager

Susan Gravel

QA Manager


Claudia Moreno

Resource Management Office Manager

Caro Montero

Carolina Montero

Marketing Manager

Emma Klosson

Marketing Writing Team Lead

Ashley Munday

Director of Cultural and Organizational Transformation

Ashley Munday

Director of Cultural and Organizational Transformation