Instructional Mindset

In organizations like yours, the overall success of the team is based on the individual contributions of your associates. Our approach to instructional design helps you attract, retain, and enrich each and every individual on your team.


What's our philosophy?

First, we align the learning objectives with your desired outcome. Next, it’s all about the learner: learning by doing, discovery, telling stories, and providing perspectives. My team of instructional-design professionals is immersed in an environment that enables success. Mentorship, peer review, collaboration with technologists and designers, and templates, tools, and interaction libraries make their designs—and your vision—come to life.

Clare Dygert - SweetRush Director of Instructional Design


Clare Dygert

Manager of Instructional Design

Clare Dygert is a smart, experienced, and empathetic professional, and as SweetRush’s Director of Instructional Design, every bit of her magic is fully engaged. As a leader and mentor, Clare infuses her team with positive energy and a can-do attitude. Working with Clare always proves to be an enriching experience. Think of a topic area, and chances are Clare has experience forging that subject matter into teachable components.

Her natural curiosity and penchant for research in cognitive science always inform her design approach. As the ID team lead, Clare guides our highly accomplished Instructional Designers as they develop cutting-edge ILT and eLearning for the world’s most successful organizations.

Like all of us at SweetRush, Clare is passionate about fairness, diversity, and inclusion. She loves being part of a culture that believes business can and should make a difference—a belief that validates the hard work and energy she applies to her craft every day.

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