Our Top 10 Learning Experience Design Articles

Jump-start 2022 with this quick refresher course

Your voyage into 2022 is set to sail. You’ve spent the past month readying for the journey by setting goals, choosing strategies, and sketching out action plans. We’re here to help you make your final preparations by sharing our top 10 learning experience design articles from 2021.

Whether you’re focused on navigating needs, leaning into learner-centric design, or spicing up your storytelling, these articles will start you off with a tailwind. By the time you finish reading them, you’ll have clear sailing ahead, and the horizon will be in full view.

(To keep you well provisioned, we’re also going to ship you off with links to our top five human-centered business and learning design articles and top five cultural transformation articles of 2021.)

Your need-to-know for needs analysis

All great learning experience designs begin with a needs analysis. And it looks like your L&D colleagues agreed! Our needs analysis eBook and blog series topped our 2021 most-read list. If needs analysis is on your radar for 2022, you can count on these resources to help.

The Needs Analysis Playbook: How to Make L&D a Trusted Partner in Your Organization

Elevate your next solution design with our step-by-step guide to stakeholder analysis, learning audience analysis, constraints analysis, and needs analysis reporting. 

Download your copy: https://insights.sweetrush.com/needs-analysis-playbook

The Value of Conducting a Needs Analysis 

Mystified by the needs analysis process and the value it provides? This three-part series is for you! The first article explains the “why,” the second explores strategic-level analysis and the third dives in at the project level.

Demystify me!: https://stagingwp.sweetrush.com/value-of-conducting-needs-analysis/

Become a virtuoso at virtual training

With the pandemic laying low, the best-laid plans for returning to the office full-time—designing learning solutions for remote and hybrid workforces—will continue to be on the to-do list in 2022. If it’s on your list for 2022, let us inspire you with our most-read virtual training articles.

Designing Virtual Learning Journeys: Tips to Make Your Training Mix Effective and Intuitive

Gain indispensable insights into creating a better learner experience with this deep dive into the techniques and vocabulary of designing virtual learning journeys.

Get your insights: https://insights.sweetrush.com/designing-virtual-learning-journeys

Leadership Training in a Hybrid World: Don’t Convert It, Reimagine It

You’ve become a pro at converting ILT programs to digital experiences. But when it comes to preparing leaders for the new hybrid workplace, a 1:1 conversion might not always be enough. Create a more meaningful and relevant experience with our guide.

Start reimagining: https://elearningindustry.com/leadership-competencies-training-in-a-hybrid-world-dont-convert-it-reimagine-it

Let me tell you a story

Effective storytelling enhances the learning experience by making the content engaging, relatable, and memorable. So we wrote a few once-upon-a-times about how to create gripping stories. Here are our most popular stories about storytelling.

The Engineering Art of the Interactive Narrative

The best way to engage your learners in the story you’re trying to tell them is to put them in it. Invite learners to be the hero of their own training tale with interactive narratives.

Get interactive: https://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/trainingindustry/tiq_20210102/index.php#/p/42

Press Play: 5 Tips for Writing Audio Scripts

Creating meaningful on-screen characters whose dialogue resonates with your audience requires a special set of skills. Get your screenwriting game on with our insider tips.

Lights, camera, action! https://stagingwp.sweetrush.com/press-play-5-tips-for-writing-audio-scripts/

Just the Facts: Five Storytelling Tips for Skeptical Learners

Not every learner will be a rapt listener of the stories you’re hoping to tell them. Leave even the most skeptical learning audience sitting at the edge of their seats with these tips.

Convince the skeptics: https://elearningindustry.com/just-the-facts-five-storytelling-tips-for-skeptical-learners

Topics still top of mind in 2022

As we closed out the year, topics like design thinking, blended learning, and adaptive learning were trending in the L&D community. If these subjects are still on your mind for 2022, here are our most-viewed articles to help you get started.

Blended Learning on a Budget: 5 Tips for Getting the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

You always strive to achieve the highest quality for your projects within the financial constraints of your budget. These five tips will help you create impactful blended learning solutions without breaking the bank.

Start saving: https://elearningindustry.com/solutions-for-blended-learning-on-budget-tips-for-getting-biggest-bang-for-your-buck

Use the Design Thinking Process to Create Learner-Centric Blended Learning and Deliver Value!

If you need to create blended learning solutions that delight your learners and add value for your stakeholders, consider starting with design thinking. Find out more about this innovative approach to learning experience design in one of our most-read articles of 2021.

Inspire me: https://stagingwp.sweetrush.com/design-thinking-create-learner-centric-blended-learning/

Adaptive Learning: Your Questions Answered!

Do you have questions about the best ways to use adaptive learning to tailor content to your individual learner’s needs? This follow-up article to our webinar on adaptive learning has the answers you’re looking for.

Get the answers: https://stagingwp.sweetrush.com/adaptive-learning-webinar-questions-answers/

Ready for more?

Learning experience design wasn’t the only topic we tackled in 2021. If you have the time, dip into these delightful discourses.

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You’re all caught up!

With the wisdom of 2021 to guide you, you’re ready to chart your most amazing accomplishments yet in 2022.

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