Top Content Providers for Diversity and Inclusion Training

San Francisco, Calif., May 23, 2022SweetRush is honored to be recognized as the top content provider for diversity and inclusion training by eLearning Industry. (Along with many other organizations, SweetRush embraces equity and belonging within this work, and it abbreviates diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging as “DEIB.”)

According to Christopher Pappas, Founder of eLearning Industry, “SweetRush’s corporate and nonprofit clients care about DEIB. They trust them to deliver training that embraces the unique experiences of all people, uncovers unconscious bias, creates a common language, and opens hearts and minds…(SweetRush’s) rainbow logo represents their caring, diverse culture.”

Fostering DEIB within an organization means making space for unique perspectives, encouraging collaboration and innovation, developing inclusive thinking and action, and promoting workplace sensitivity. SweetRush’s approach is that every training projectnot just those specific to diversity-related subjectshas the opportunity and responsibility to promote the values of DEIB.

Creating an environment that nurtures and celebrates DEIB is not only the morally right thing to do and essential to a human-centered workplace, it also has tangible business benefits. “Seventy-six percent of job seekers report that, when evaluating companies and job offers, they find a diverse workforce critical for their selection, according to Glassdoor. Consequently, it’s a vital factor if you want to improve your brand image and attract top talent,” Pappas said. “As research tells us, businesses can get some real financial gain as well! Based on a study by McKinsey & Co, organizations that have diverse workforces are 35% more likely to show above-average profit margins compared to companies with more homogenous employee bases.”

SweetRush embraces the goal of having a widely diverse workforce for the business benefit, but more because it mirrors its values and heightens its individual and company creativity. “Roughly half of the human family is digitally connected today with the rest coming online in the next decade,” said Andrei Hedstrom, SweetRush CEO and Cofounder. “We have yet to truly comprehend the potential of our diverse and connected human family, but through education and communication, we can wake up and realize our potential together.”   

The accolade also comes on the heels of being ranked the number one virtual training solutions provider by eLearning Industry, which recognizes SweetRush’s ability to effectively reach distinct groups of learners and teach them a variety of nuanced subject matter. As a human-centered business, the principle of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging is infused into everything SweetRush doesfrom its mission to its custom learning content. SweetRush’s track record of DEIB training over its 20-plus years of experience includes solutions for industries ranging from banking and finance to technology, health care, consumer goods, automotive, nonprofit, retail, universities, and business services. 

SweetRush’s mission focuses on improving performance, enabling change, and helping move humanity forward toward a better life. Furthermore, SweetRush’s guiding principles are focused on caring about the planet and all life and doing good things. Both of these principles are brought to the forefront through SweetRush’s award-winning approach to DEIB training content. According to SweetRush customer reviews, “They stay on top of the latest trends in their field, hire diverse talents, are very responsive to client needs/feedback, and they have the courage also to stand up for what they believe in.” 

“As a culture-forward company serving diverse and global clients, SweetRush has honored, valued, and respected diversity of all kinds since our inception,” said Hedstrom. “We care deeply about the diverse potential of all human beings. While we humbly accept this honor, there is so much more to be done. We continue to ask our true north question: What else is possible in service of life potential? This question shows up in how we operate as a company and the training content we lovingly create for our customers. We want to push not only our industry forward but humanity as well.”


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