how to create large scale learning programs

Professionals who are new to learning and development are often curious about how to create large scale learning programs. Running this programs is no easy task. It requires a program manager with great communication skills, the right tools, and the ability to orchestrate multiple teams.

Of course, there’s more to it than just effective program management. In learning and development, we must be mindful of the best approach for learners, stakeholders, and senior management so that we can create a program that achieves its business and learning objectives.

That’s why I found the article “Secrets of Successful Large-Scale Learning Programs” so fascinating. Written by Erin Krebs, SweetRush’s Director of Client Solutions, it was recently published in Training Industry Magazine.

“These are exciting and challenging times to be embarking on a complex development and rollout,” says Krebs. “There are new technologies and tools to leverage and learners expect higher levels of polish and engagement.”

In writing about four key secrets of large-scale learning programs, Erin uses real-life examples to illustrate her each of her topics, which include:

  • Branding your program
  • Building anticipation
  • Setting a new bar for training
  • Emphasizing caring and empathy so your team thrives

“Let’s not rehash the basics—obvious things, like choosing the right vendor—but rather hone in on the things that you’re not necessarily thinking about,” says Krebs, about the focus of the article.

Erin encourages learning and development teams to be creative, to make the experience enjoyable, and to nurture a positive team culture. This last part is essential, Krebs says, because “when there are bumps—and there will be some—caring kicks in and everyone works together to find a solution and move forward.”

Go ahead—discover the best practices for how to create large scale learning programs!