SweetRush named No. 1 Content Provider for Team Building Training

San Francisco, Calif., Dec. 12, 2022 — SweetRush is honored to be named No. 1 Content Provider for Team Building Training by eLearning Industry.  

eLearning Industry Founder Christopher Pappas notes that the list celebrates content providers with “the tools to help you manage, lead, and develop strong teams, even when working remotely.”

A human-centered organization since its founding in 2001, SweetRush is also an early adopter of remote work. Since its transition to a fully remote organization in 2009, the SweetRush team has accumulated a wealth of experience, best practices, and lessons to share with leaders looking to build stronger remote and hybrid teams.

Clients trust SweetRush to help their leaders and teams become more connected, innovative, and aligned on their shared purpose. In addition to its team-building skills training and leadership coaching programs, SweetRush also helps L&D managers build their teams with industry-leading learning and performance management talent.

Three core areas of focus define SweetRush’s approach to team-building: 

  • Leadership and power skills: Effective teams need connected leaders and “power skills” such as communication, collaboration, and empathy. SweetRush’s custom learning solutions facilitate the mental model shifts new and experienced leaders need to level up their power skills. Exemplary programs include unique, innovative, and highly engaging leadership development learning experiences created in partnership with Bayer, Capgemini, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), and American Association of Critical-Care Nurses. 

SweetRush’s work with these and other forward-thinking partners has been recognized with 23 Gold Brandon Hall awards and three Chief Learning Officer Learning in Practice Awards in 2022. 

  • Team connection: Teams with mutual understanding are more likely to be creative and innovative and achieve their goals. SweetRush’s Transforming Leaders & Culture (TLC) team helps teams authentically connect and care for one another as individuals while also taking ownership of the team’s shared purpose.

SweetRush TLC’s expert facilitators and coaches engage leaders and teams in activities that inspire collaborative learning, mutual trust, and shared insights into how the sum of the team is truly greater than its individual parts. 

SweetRush TLC helps leaders drive culture transformation by valuing their people and aligning around a life-serving purpose while creating robust financial value for their organizations.

  • Staff augmentation: When leaders need to build their own L&D teams with additional capacity or specialized skills, SweetRush’s Talent Solutions team has an experienced pool of talented L&D professionals ready to help. With years of experience in building the right team for every project, they excel at finding, onboarding, and mentoring industry-leading L&D talent.

With connection and care at its heart, from recruiting to retirement, it’s no surprise that SweetRush enjoys sky-high ratings on Glassdoor, near-zero team turnover, Gold awards from Stevie Great Employers and the Learning & Performance Institute, and recent certification as a Great Place to Work. 

To speak to SweetRush about its award-winning human-centered approach to team building, visit the company website.

About SweetRush

SweetRush’s focus on team culture and craft is reflected in loyal clients, uniquely low turnover of teammates, a 20-year track record of success, and a remarkable portfolio. Our work with clients, custom solutions for talent empowerment, and people success have earned us gold awards from our peers and high rankings on the top industry lists.

We are over 200 people strong and have been in business since 2001. Our service areas include Custom Learning (including eLearning, mobile, gamification, and virtual training), Talent Solutions (temporary talent to augment our clients’ L&D teams), XR/Immersive Tech (VR, AR, and emerging technologies), Transforming Leaders & Culture (expert coaching and consulting to create connected, unified cultures, leaders, and teams), and Good Things (amplifying the impact of nonprofits and the social impact space). Every day, we give thanks for the trust of our world-class clients. Learn more and get in touch with SweetRush at www.sweetrush.com.