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Twitter recently asked users what word they would use to describe 2020. There were plenty of responses with four letters, but our word of choice has five: adapt

Last year, many of us transformed, practically overnight, from creatures of the cube to creatures of the home office. From training to team meetings, we took every part of our business with us and rebuilt it all online.  

In celebration of our collective agility, we wanted to share the top articles that helped our community make the many pivots 2020 demanded from us. We hope they help you as your virtual environment continues to evolve—and as you move beyond surviving into thriving. 

With over a decade of experience in learning, meeting, and recruiting virtually, we at SweetRush have gone through plenty of trial and error. Here’s a curated list of the practices that have helped us keep our fires lit. 

Find the Fit from Far Away: Best Practices for Virtual Recruiters

Eleven years of being totally virtual has taught us a thing or two about online recruiting. Bring your hunt for the fittest applicants online with these tips from our talent acquisition experts

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Not Just for Alphas: Hear Everyone’s Voice in Virtual Meetings

A virtual meeting is an ecosystem, not a battle for dominance. Lead your pack with these practical tips for hosting virtual conversations everyone wants to join.

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Feed the Need: Build a Virtual Learning Community That Works

Don’t let technology challenges knock your learners off the food chain! Here’s how to assemble the best resources to help learners thrive in your online workplace.

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Evolution Through Empathy: Build a Better Species of Learning

Compliance training is necessary—but it doesn’t have to be an evil. These design thinking methods will help your learning remain viable in a jungle of competing priorities.  

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Lighten the (Cognitive) Load with Nanolearning

The collective stress of the past year leaves us all with less energy for higher-order thinking tasks. Try these 10 tips to build bite-sized learning that your learners won’t fight—or flee.

Shelter from the Storm: Learning Trends That Got Us Through 2020

Adaptation isn’t a thing of the past—this retrospective shows you how to build upon your virtual metamorphosis. Borrow our strategies for sheltering your learners from screen fatigue and other harsh conditions.  

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