Danielle Hart, CEO of SweetRush

San Francisco, Calif., Jan. 24, 2024— SweetRush, a trailblazer in learning and development, is ushering in a new chapter with Danielle Hart stepping into the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

SweetRush Cofounders, which include former CEO Andrei Hedstrom and Board Chairman Arturo Schwartzberg, will continue to serve SweetRush in full-time roles that focus on enhancing the company’s culture, leadership, and our L&D craft and solutions.

Andrei Hedstrom, SweetRush Cofounder and former CEO, shared, “As a leader who cares deeply about being in service to the potential of others, I take great pleasure in passing this role to my trusted friend and colleague. I have great love and respect for Danielle because of how much she cares about our team, our craft, and our client partners. I have sought to lead SweetRush as a human-centered business and to elevate our craft and culture to bring a great service to our clients. I believe our big rainbow heart will only get more vibrant and magnetic with Danielle as our new CEO!”

SweetRush Cofounder and Board Chairman Arturo Schwartzberg shared, “Danielle is known to the entire team as trustworthy, knowledgeable, incisive, and deeply caring. She has earned the trust of Andrei, me, and the entire team. All of us feel energized as we double down on growing a healthy, caring, and innovative company.”

SweetRush’s Next Chapter Parallels Transformation in L&D

The L&D industry is experiencing a long-sought shift: the recognition that learning is no longer a mere liability reduction tool but rather a core driver of business value and success. Executive leaders recognize that L&D is an essential part of business strategy: to attract and retain top performers, to align skills and performance to the roles needed today and in the future, and to foster behaviors that build strong cultures. 

“If you are working in the L&D field, you are not only helping your company be successful, but you are playing a pivotal role in improving people’s lives by imparting knowledge and skills and fostering positive change,” says Danielle. “Learning is a catalyst for change, and learning professionals play a crucial role in driving that change. I am grateful every day to be in this field, and I have unending appreciation for my peers who are part of this community.”

Danielle’s Journey of Change at SweetRush

Danielle takes the helm as she also celebrates her 20-year anniversary at SweetRush. “I’m excited and honored to serve SweetRush and our people in this new role,” says Danielle. “I’m grateful for the trust of our Cofounders, Andrei Hedstrom and Arturo Schwartzberg, and for the trust of our remarkable team—smart, experienced, dedicated people, united by a culture of caring, putting their hearts into creating exceptional solutions for L&D leaders and their learners.”

Danielle was one of SweetRush’s first employees, starting as a Project Manager in 2004. She later became the company’s first Solution Architect, establishing tools and processes to provide clients with expert and caring consultation. 

In 2014, Danielle put her focus on SweetRush’s marketing efforts, building a robust team from the ground up that has been remarkably successful in building SweetRush’s brand. Danielle authors an annual L&D and Learning Experience Design Trends Report (survey open now!), and, under her leadership, SweetRush and its clients have earned hundreds of prestigious awards and global recognition from their peers. 

More recently, Danielle joined SweetRush’s executive team and expanded her role to oversee sales and marketing efforts. In her new role as CEO, she joins SweetRush’s Board of Directors.

She continues: “I am equally thankful that our clients look to us as a strategic partner, helping them solve complex challenges, embrace new technologies, and serve their people in unprecedented ways. Our work is needed now more than ever, and we have a responsibility to use our craft to improve people’s lives and move the industry forward.”

Change and Transformation at SweetRush

Over the past two decades, SweetRush’s brand has become synonymous with innovative learning solutions: from pioneering advancements in AI and WebXR technologies to crafting sophisticated, personalized learning journeys that deeply engage learners, always doing so with heart.

SweetRush has earned the trust of an impressive client base, with strong portfolios of impact in finance, technology, retail, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, and nonprofits. This has not only made SweetRush a resilient company but has pushed the team to meet the diverse needs of world-class clients and their learners and to stay at the forefront of industry trends.

With Danielle at the helm, SweetRush will continue to embrace change, extend caring, and amplify the impact of learning professionals.


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