Take a look at the best L&D articles of 2018 we prepared for you. Look out for more during 2019!

We’ve grown. 2019 marks the tenth anniversary since we became an all-virtual company, and oh boy, have we grown. Our team has multiplied and expanded across the planet during this decade, and more and more clients turn to us, trusting in our capabilities and collaborating with us to develop some of the world’s best learning programs. We’ve also branched out: we’re developing strong muscle in cultural transformation, change management, staff augmentation and emerging technologies.

The more ambitious our work becomes, the more we look forward to sharing our experiences and best practices. Which is why our content creation has also grown exponentially. 2018 was a great year for SweetRush content, and this is proof: here are our best L&D articles of 2018.

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Cultural Transformation & Change Management

7 Practices You Can Use to Create a Learning Culture

How do you foster a learning culture that motivates your team members? Follow these recommendations by Ashley Munday, our Former Director of Cultural and Organizational Transformation. Read more

The Secret Sauce in Organizational Change Management

Change done well builds trust. Change done poorly erodes trust and your organizational culture. Here are six steps to help you get organizational change management right. Read more.

3 Elements of a Powerful Vision for Organizational Change

70 percent of change management initiatives fail. Often it’s because team members aren’t motivated by the vision for organizational change. When writing our change story, it’s easy for us to assume that others see the importance and share the urgency. However, the change story is the critical first step. Read more.

Custom Learning

Training Gen Z: Unlock a Generation’s Potential

Gen Z is quickly becoming one of the most prominent age groups in the workforce. What are their characteristics? How do you train them? Learn best practices that will help you unlock their potential. Read more.

Infographic: 2018 Instructional Design and Learning Trends

What were the trends that we heard about the most during the past year? Explore them all in this infographic. Read more.

Use Detours to Drive Adaptive Learning

Deviations—or detours—can vastly enrich your eLearning programs. Learn how to use detours as a relatively simple way to accomplish adaptive learning in this in-depth article. Read more.

What Bart Simpson Teaches Us About Detours in Adaptive Learning

Not convinced to read the previous article? What if I told you I finally understood the importance of detours by rewatching an episode of The Simpsons? Read more.


Sales and Retail Training

Educational Marketing: Win the Hearts and Minds of Sales Associates

What is the “moment of truth” in sales that can create a happy and loyal customer? For many brands, it is the interaction between the sales associate and the customer. Make the most out of that sweet spot through educational marketing. Read more.

The Perks of Offering Training Programs for Retail Employees

What’s the trick for turning millennials and Gen Z—who are becoming the largest age group in the industry’s workforce—from casual workers to loyal associates? Training programs! Read more.

How Mobile Sales Enablement Makes Loyal Salespeople

Here’s a story on the benefits of training sales associates to love your brand—and how to do it through mobile sales enablement. It’s also a story about the best shoes I’ve ever owned, and how loyal retail associates mean better sales for product manufacturers. Read more.


Talent Solutions

Interviewing SweetRush Style

We’ve all had positive and negative experiences when it comes to job interviews. At SweetRush, we’re all about creating a positive experience—ensuring that every interview is enjoyable for everyone involved! It’s an important part of our staff augmentation service and growing our own team. Read more.


Emerging Technologies

Lessons Learned in Developing VR Training: A Client’s Perspective

Developing VR training is somewhat like being pioneers in the Wild West: The territory is largely unknown, and much of the focus of this new technology is outside of learning. Here we give you the perspective of on of our client-partners to help you make the most of your VR training. Read more.

VR As a Medium for Empathy: What Aerosmith Got Wrong

VR gives users the unique experience of actually walking in someone else’s shoes. Learners can then have a better understanding of what others go through, thus developing empathy toward them. You know who didn’t think about this, 25 years ago? Aerosmith. Read more.

Infographic: Emerging Technology Trends Influencing the L&D Field

Get all the basics of the emerging technology trends that are having an impact in the field of L&D, with valuable insights from our team of experts. Read more.

Presence in Virtual Reality: Get the Virtual Bang for your Real Buck

Presence in virtual reality is vital to create immersion, but you also need to manage your budget and invest it effectively. Just ask Nintendo. Read more.

Working Virtually

A Virtual Team’s Success Factors: The SweetRush Story

Since 2009, SweetRush’s has been an all-virtual company, and a successful one too. Here’s our story in the words of our Cofounder and Chairman, Arturo Schwartzberg. Read more.

Working From Home Isn’t a New Idea: It’s All About Family

At the time of the American Revolution, 75 percent of colonists were farmers, and others owned small shops in the front of their home. Technically, working from home isn’t a new concept in the history of family life. However, its benefits definitely changed one of our instructional designer’s lives. Read more.


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