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First, we found the inspiration . . . now let me show you some gamification examples with techniques you can use to make a winning game-based learning solution.

In my previous blog, I shared several blog posts to inspire you to create a game-based learning solution. To kick off this blog series, I presented you with a scenario: You have to create a new learning program for your employees, and you want an engaging, interesting, and effective solution that no one will want to put down. Why not create a game?

Let’s continue to imagine that scenario, but now you have the idea, the inspiration, the sparkle of what will be the best approach for your learners’ needs. Now what? Well, let’s get some examples of gamification leveraging successful techniques.

What techniques should you use in your game-based solution to be a game that makes my learners want to play and play and play and learn and learn and learn?

To help answer this question, I chose these three blog posts written by SweetRush experts, posts that include details, descriptions, and the best uses of techniques for gamification in learning. Game on!

Show your learners how they are progressing

One of the secrets to keeping engagement and motivation high is to show learners how they are advancing through the game. Read about the framework of a gamification example that shows progress, and get ideas and the winning formula for effective gamification design.

Read: Make Progress Obvious in Gamification for Learning

Gamification examples show correct use of badges

So many learning solutions are called “gamification,” and all they do is give learners a badge for completing a course or task. Not the most effective way to use gamification! There are several details that you need to consider to correctly and effectively use badges to reinforce the learning strategy and the goals. Find out how through these gamification examples.
Read: Creating Relevant Badges in Gamification

Employ gamification at the program level

Use the same considerations and gamification techniques at the curriculum level to make your onboarding, certification, or professional development programs more engaging and less confusing.
Read: Gamification at the Curriculum Level

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And … don’t miss the last blog post of this series coming soon: Gamification for Corporate Training 101.