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VR Training Program Case Study: Aggressive Behavior De-Escalation at CHRISTUS Health” will showcase a behind-the-scenes look at building a successful virtual reality learning program.

San Francisco, Calif., July 15th, 2020 — Join learning and development experts at SweetRush and CHRISTUS Health for an inspiring behind-the-scenes look at creating workplace safety training using an exciting new tool: virtual reality. VR Training Program Case Study: Aggressive Behavior De-Escalation at CHRISTUS Health will be held on July 30, 2020, at 11 am EDT.

Tobias J. Washington, Director, Learning Experience, Design and Technology at CHRISTUS Health, and Emily Cooper, XR Producer at SweetRush SPARK, will share their voyage from design to solution, illuminating key challenges and valuable lessons learned. Learn how the team employed leading-edge VR trends, including body movement tracking, voice recognition, and emotion analysis, as well as data tracking and analytics.

If you’re interested in how VR training can radically transform traditional learning, increasing engagement and retention while enabling scalability and cost savings, don’t miss this informative, one-hour presentation.

VR training programs offer a number of key advantages, such as:

  • Immersing the audience in the learning experience, leading to better retention
  • Offering realistic scenarios that provide an alternative to role playing
  • Providing a safe space to practice
  • Tracking results for learning analytics

The key to successful learning is to understand and solidify the link between desired learning outcomes and the type of technology used. For CHRISTUS Health, virtual reality has been the most appropriate choice to deliver on their learning objectives: to train their people in de-escalation techniques, enabling a safe environment and positive outcomes for their team members and patients.

“It’s extremely exciting to see the growing adoption of emerging technologies in learning and the passion of the Learning and Development community who are making this a reality.”

—Emily Cooper, XR Producer at SweetRush SPARK

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The Presenters

Emily Cooper is an XR Producer at SweetRush SPARK. She has traveled the world as an award-winning creative producer of immersive experiences, specializing in the creation of story-driven content. Emily has vast experience working with clients to identify their needs and the emerging technology or creative medium that works best to bring those needs to life. She is passionate about creating XR learning experiences that excite learners and effect positive change within organizations and communities.

Tobias J. Washington serves as Director, Learning Experience, Design and Technology, at CHRISTUS Health, a Catholic health care ministry with over 40 hospitals and facilities in the United States and abroad. Under his leadership, CHRISTUS Health’s first immersive learning program was developed, using VR and AR, and leveraging artificial intelligence to develop talent. Tobias also leads the technical, digital, and social learning strategies.

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