SweetRush Launches Transforming Leaders and Culture

SweetRush is helping its clients achieve a competitive advantage by developing top leaders, supporting employee well-being, and fostering a purpose-driven culture.

San Francisco, Calif., August 25, 2022— SweetRush, the industry-leading provider of custom solutions for talent empowerment and people success, is thrilled to announce the launch of SweetRush Transforming Leaders & Culture (TLC). This new service is backed by the power of SweetRush’s award-winning custom learning and communications solutions and its 20-year track record of successful client partnerships with global businesses and nonprofits.

The SweetRush TLC team of specialized coaches and consultants, led by former CEO and culture expert Gregg Kendrick, helps top leaders striving for innovation and success to create the optimal environment for growth, stability, employee well-being, and impact. A strong focus is guiding leaders to the right-fit approach—understanding what is already working in their organizations and what needs to be improved to evolve into a unified, connected, and empowered culture. 

“When you approach us to say that you’re interested in culture or leader development, we show up as a partner to you,” says Kendrick. “We start from the very beginning: We help you explore and get clarity around your current situation, goals, and where you want to go. From there, we design a response that will integrate your strategic goals with the cultural shifts that you want to see.”

SweetRush Cofounder and Chairman Arturo Schwartzberg adds: “As companies grow, face disruption, and are impacted by external forces, old ways of leading are no longer successful—that’s normal and inevitable. Yet taking on a culture or leadership initiative is daunting and confusing. Clients are concerned about spending a lot of money with consultants to develop plans that never gain traction. We take a different approach: SweetRush TLC eliminates confusion and shows you a clear path forward.”

Helping shift leaders’ mindsets—showing them how to build a culture of caring and accountability, and how to lead through trust, is core to SweetRush TLC’s offering. “We teach leaders how to ignite people’s intrinsic motivation to show up, contribute, and belong to something bigger than themselves,” says Kendrick. 

“Our clients felt and experienced our culture and asked us to help transform theirs—so we created our culture and leadership transformation service,” says SweetRush CEO and Cofounder Andrei Hedstrom. “SweetRush TLC’s approach creates alignment and harmony in organizations that have infinite potential but recognize they need to change to better support their people and have a positive impact on the world. This life-centered approach is being embraced by the world’s top leaders and organizations, and it’s possible for everyone.”

Reach out and get started with a free, exploratory call with the SweetRush TLC team by contacting [email protected] or learn more at tlc.sweetrush.com.