SweetRush Certified as a 2019 Freedom-Centered Culture by WorldBlu

San Francisco, Calif., May 14, 2019 — SweetRush, a leading provider of performance improvement services (including custom learning and cultural transformation solutions), is honored to announce the company has joined the prestigious and exclusive 2019 list of Freedom-Centered Cultures™ as certified by WorldBlu.

SweetRush counts many of the world’s most dynamic corporations, nonprofits, and foundations among its clients. The SweetRush team works collaboratively to develop tailored programs that help people learn and improve their work and how they work together. These programs have earned the SweetRush team and its client-partners premier learning and development awards, and it now adds the distinction of being named a 2019 Freedom-Centered Culture, joining Zappos, Hulu, Glassdoor, and a shortlist of other organizations earning this mark of distinction.

A culture-forward organization since inception, SweetRush successfully transformed to an entirely virtual company in 2009. SweetRush’s 175 (and growing) teammates work in 12 countries around the world while staying connected and engaged through its culture.

“Our culture of respect, support, and caring for all is what has enabled us to be successful, even as a virtual company with teammates spread across the globe,” said Arturo Schwartzberg, Cofounder and Chairman of SweetRush. “Our people are highly engaged and ready to step in if a teammate needs support; as a result, everyone knows their backs are covered.”

Over the past few years, SweetRush has advanced its vision of using its tools and craft to bring about positive change in the world. With the full support of the SweetRush team, its Good Things service has helped over 19 nonprofits and foundations in the past two years alone.

“From Day One, I have carried an aspirational dream that SweetRush could make a positive impact on the world. But it all starts ‘at home,’ and that is why we built SweetRush with a culture of caring and respect,” said Andrei Hedstrom, Cofounder and CEO of SweetRush.“We have worked with many client-partners over the years who share these values. Now we are focused on expanding our aspirations to bring our skills, care, and respect to teams working on social and environmental challenges. I remain committed to the dream that this small but impactful, freedom-centered team can make a difference in the world.”

While the company is best known for its custom learning services—which embrace eLearning, games-based learning, classroom training, and emerging technologies (virtual and augmented reality)—SweetRush’s decision to offer cultural transformation services is a direct result of seeing the power of its positive culture internally.

“My passion is fostering thriving workplace cultures, helping our clients create high performing, caring places to work. I feel fortunate every day to be in a company where positive values are focused on and spoken about daily. Our team consults from a place of integrity—we practice what we preach!” said Ashley Munday, Director of Cultural and Organizational Transformation at SweetRush.

“SweetRush has built a vibrant, high-growth, Freedom-Centered Culture on a foundation of caring and commitment. We are delighted to recognize their outstanding work with the WorldBlu Freedom-Centered Cultures award!” said Traci Fenton, Founder and CEO of WorldBlu.

To view the full list of 2019 Freedom-Centered Cultures certified by WorldBlu, please visit https://www.worldblu.com/certified.

SweetRush’s focus on team culture and mastery of performance improvement is reflected in loyal clients, a near-zero turnover of teammates, an 18-year track record of success, and a remarkable portfolio. Our work with clients has earned us gold awards from our peers and high ranking on the top training industry lists.

We are over 175 people strong and have been in business since 2001. Our five service areas include Custom Learning (including eLearning, mobile, gamification and classroom training), Talent Solutions (temporary talent to augment our clients’ L&D teams), SPARK (VR, AR, and emerging technologies), Cultural Transformation (culture, change management and communications), and Good Things (custom learning for non-profits and the social impact space). Every day, we give thanks for the trust of our world-class clients.

Carolina Montero
Marketing Manager
[email protected]