Practical Tools for Driving Organizational Culture Change

Secrets of Effective L&D Leaders: Innovation, Embracing Change, and Cultural Transformation is your practical guide to enacting organizational culture change.

San Francisco, Calif., January 24, 2020 — Hot off the press, SweetRush is proud to announce the publication of its latest guide to help L&D leaders become the true champions of cultural transformation in organizations. Never before has a guide with this level of depth and detail been offered for free. Secrets of Effective L&D Leaders identifies top concerns for learning and development professionals and provides numerous practical tools to successfully engage both departmental as well as organizational culture.

L&D professionals need a strong learning culture to execute on the big shifts occurring in today’s organizations. With a shift from tech skills to human skills, there is a deeper focus on developing competencies around collaboration, empathy, and innovation. Today’s learning leaders need to step up to the challenge of making this a reality. And SweetRush’s comprehensive guide is designed to support L&D leaders through their challenges.

“Shifting your leadership mindset should be your number one focus. SweetRush manages to seamlessly unravel the secret to cultural transformation with this eBook,” —Christopher Pappas, Founder of eLearning Industry’s Network, explains.

Mastering Organizational Culture Change Manages Risk

L&D leaders are facing unprecedented challenges in today’s global market. Organizations are innovating at a pace faster than ever before. This rate of change involves new solutions, systems, and processes. Teams are cross-functional and agile, requiring new competencies. To maintain the expertise of their workforce and reduce the risk of turnover, companies now look to custom continuous learning programs for the answer. 

“An organization needs employees to perform tasks and meet compliance requirements, but they also need employees to drive innovation, communicate strongly, be flexible to new business challenges, be optimistic, and be forward thinking. This is a tall order for L&D,” says Arturo Schwartzberg, Cofounder, CFO, & Board Chairman at SweetRush.

A Healthy Culture Is a Type of Compensation

A company’s culture is more valuable than ever before. Employees and customers demand transparency around values and business practices. Gen Z, in particular, want to work for a company they believe in.

Traditional attitudes toward hiring, training, and business processes are giving way to strategies that support better alignment with culture. At the same time, companies strive to better align retraining, upskilling, and education within the career development of current and future employees. Organizations are shifting mindsets from “business-centric” to “people-centric.”

Learning Takes Center Stage

Successful L&D leaders understand that great attention must be paid to not only how an organization is structured, but also how it continually develops and supports employees within this structure. 

“L&D is key to providing internal communication and education, company and role-specific training, and developing organizational culture change champions,” says Fran Willis White.

Main Takeaways for Organizational Culture Change

In this guide to organizational culture change, you’ll explore and identify:

  • The values, beliefs, and behaviors that impact performance within your organization
  • The processes or standards can be transformed to improve teams, departments or your overall organizational goals
  • The top considerations for organizational culture change and cultural transformation

Authored by SweetRush’s Ashley Munday, Former Director of Cultural and Organizational Transformation; Fran Willis White, Change Management and Leadership Executive Consultant; and Shelby Shankland, Manager of Cultural and Organizational Transformation, this guide shines a light on the top most concerns of today’s innovative L&D leaders.

“It’s more evident than ever that organizations need to invest in cultural transformation, no matter their industry,” says Pappas.

Download Secrets of Effective L&D Leaders today to begin your learning journey.

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