mobile learning solutions

As demand has increased for mobile learning solutions, so have the options for authoring tools! I recently wrote a piece for to help bring some clarity to this decision.

Here are a couple of highlights:

    • These days we can put tools into two categories: tools that create learning solutions that are designed for the phone and ones that create solutions that work on the phone. It’s an important distinction that definitely affects the learner experience.


    • What do you need to think about when choosing your mobile learning authoring tool? Important considerations include the learning environment, your training objectives and content, what functionality you might need, and accessibility needs, among others.


The chart below summarizes the key points. For more detail, be sure to check out the full article, “Mobile Learning Solutions: Choosing the Right Tool for the Job.

right tool considerations for mobile learning

I want to thank my colleague Misha Milshtein, SweetRush’s Director of Engineering and Development, who contributed valuable insights to the article!

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