New Hire Onboarding 3 New Awards

SweetRush’s collaboration with Hilton on new employee onboarding training puts cultural and service competencies into practice via eLearning. SweetRush also earned a spot on Horizon Interactive Awards’ 2019 Distinguished Agencies List.

SAN FRANCISCO, May 14, 2020 — SweetRush, a top custom learning solutions provider, received two Platinum and one Gold award with client-partner Hilton for an interactive and effective new hire onboarding program for the Canopy line of hotels. SweetRush’s wins for new hire onboarding, sales training, and leadership training resulted in the Horizon Interactive Awards naming the company to its prestigious Distinguished Agencies List for 2019.

The “Canopy Intuition: Reading Guest Cues” eLearning program features relatable characters and interactive, gamified experiences, allowing Hilton team members to practice how to deliver an exceptional guest experience. 

SweetRush’s recent awards for new hire onboarding include:

Platinum, Web-based Training

Platinum, E-Learning

Gold, Training/e-learning

New employee onboarding training can have a significant impact on engaging and retaining new workers. While taking this training—which is an essential introduction to company culture, values, and mission—they form an impression of their new employer. 

“New hire onboarding should win the hearts and minds of new team members,” said Arturo Schwartzberg, SweetRush‘s Chairman and Cofounder. “Your program should make them immediately feel embraced as part of the team, excite them about your company, and inspire them to be a valuable contributor.”

Effective employee onboarding focuses on the right messaging and offers a learner-centric experience. 

“Our CoDesign experience, which uses design thinking to create learner-centric solutions, is a complete game-changer for all training, including new hire onboarding,” said Schwartzberg. “It builds empathy for learners and buy-in from SMEs and stakeholders, and helps teams get to a more effective solution faster. And we recently transformed the in-person experience to a virtual one with great success!”

With millennials the largest group of workers globally, online learning reaches this digital-native audience where they spend their time and in a way that speaks to them. In partnering with the right L&D vendor, organizations can give learners a compelling experience—blending 2-D and 3-D animation, rich storytelling, characters, gamification, and vibrant visual design. 

“We’re thrilled to use our craft to help organizations connect with and empower their newest team members,” added Schwartzberg. “Our collaboration with Hilton exemplifies how cultural and service competencies can be expressed and practiced in new hire onboarding.”

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